The Light of a New Day

Start of everything!

First note

I am slowly updating this wiki, and you guys can too! You’ll note that I added Ike’s character to the character page (Ike, you should be able to edit your character too, if you’d ever like to add in a bio, or change his picture away from a corpulent bugbear). Now when I reference his character, I can hyperlink him to entries, as evidenced by what I just did.

Aaron and Ehren, you can add your own charcters here to do the same thing. I need to have some formal characters and bonds and such so I can write the adventure in earnest. I already have some ideas, but if you guys can firm up your concepts and bonds/ideals/etc. for me, I can do my bottom-up world-building starting with this adventure. In the meantime, I am working with ideas I already have from what you have given me, and things I want to do.

Importantly, you guys can also add wiki pages of your own as well as adding or adjusting your characters (go up top of the page, where it says ‘New’, click it, and click “Wiki Page”). Ditto for Forum topics, in or out of character. Ike, if you want to talk about the street contacts you’re in, other urchins, or a loose criminal guild or gang you might be a part of, feel free to just take creative liberty and do so. Aaron, same with whatever order or mentor you learned dervishing ways from… the Order of the Dancing Blade out in the heart of the desert, or whatever flavorful organization you want. Ehren, feel free to talk about the organization you were with during the war, what they did, why he left, etc. My point is, you have creative liberty to add and make some things your own; I have final say and sometimes may adjust it, but for the most part it’s helpful collaboration.

Or if you don’t have time, that’s fine. Just showing you what a neat tool this can be, and potentially helpful for me. But since time is precious, all I need is final characters with Traits and Ideals and such, and related bonds please. You can see what Ike’s bond is in his character sheet.

Enjoy guys!


zarnof zarnof

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