Ayser ibn Fayyad

Obese bugbear crime lord who has designs on more


Ayser has been one of the opportunistic criminals to take advantage of the aftermath of the War of Ash. As the city of Tajar reeled from the new government’s boot on its neck, Ayser found that by licking the boots of the Purists, and making well-timed power plays, he was able to ascend from street thug to one of the four crime bosses in the city. He created the criminal network calling itself The Burned Lotus, and has parlayed that network into something surprisingly brutal and effective.

Ayser is, above all, ambitious. He has a chip on his shoulder from being regarded as “just muscle,” and he wishes to show that his cunning can net him both power and respect. Even if he succeeds in his bid to become the single criminal organization in Tajar, it seems unlikely to sate him.


Ayser ibn Fayyad

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