Jaliah bint Khalil al Zahir

Ka-lord and leader of the Vultures, she won the War of Ash


Grand Caliph Jaliah bint Khalil al Zahir was the first offspring of her father, the beloved Grand Caliph Khalil al-Assad al Zahir. Her birth was celebrated throughout Zakhara, the first of what was hoped would be many, many children. Unfortunately, the other children never came. Of the many wives Khalil had taken, Jaliah was the only offspring the world ever saw.

Jaliah grew into a strong, bold woman, and the adventurous charm of her father seemed to burst from her. She tended to be more… hard than her father, less prone to the easy charm that came so easily to him and more reliant on the strength of personality that he had. She developed very strong magical powers early, and learned how to be something almost extinct in Zakhara: a ka-lord, capable of manipulating positive energy into tangible magical spells.

She was devestated when her father was pronounced dead, and then furious when her birthright had been taken from her. She was the oldest child of the Caliph; she was the ONLY child of the Caliph. But the Council had performed their tests, mundane and magical, and deemed this new man to be her older half-brother, hidden away for years.

She had suspicions there was a conspiracy, and her own magic led her to inconclusive results. Some of her magics indicated he was false and completely lying; others indicated he was indeed the blood of Zahir, and her elder. She felt this inconclusiveness was enough to pursue the issue, and find out what was going on.

The Vultures approached her around this time, saying they were leaving banditry behind, and they would fully support her as the true caliph, the only living blood of Khalil. She new them to be well-organized, and with assurances that banditry was behind them, she accepted their well-organized help.

From her new home in Vulture Mountain, she tasked a newly-famous adventuring group to retrieve the legendary Arrow of Haqq, which her divinations had revealed the location of. When fired, the arrow would destroy and illusion of enchantment, no matter how potent or complex. The group, believing her claims and proof the caliph sitting the throne was a liar and scourge of Enlightenment, retrieved the arrow, so that the world could see the illusion for what it was.

The arrow was fired while all of Zakhara watched, and the War of Ash followed for ten years. Eventually, Jaliah sat the throne, after a decade of being called the Shadow Caliph. In that time, she learned more wisdom and temperence, had a daughter with a still unknown man to whom she claimed to have married (but kept his identity secret to protect him), and was destroyed inside at the horrors unleashed on her country as the war continued. Though brilliant and powerful, she had assumed the entire country would support her, the little girl who all knew to be the true blood of their favorite Grand Caliph, upon seeing a ruse. She naively never considered the bloody and protracted war that could follow.

Unbeknownst to all but a bare few, her investigation of the Vultures and Purists led her to unpleasant discoveries. In the last few minutes of her life, she renounced the Vultures and Purists, and admitted her undying shame at her actions with these vile men. She invested her remaining life force in an immensely powerful spell designed to destroy the very organization she helped build.


Jaliah bint Khalil al Zahir

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