The Zakharan pantheon greatly influences the culture on the continent of Zakhara, and binds all of Zakharan society together. Enlightenment is built around the following concepts:

- Honor
- Family
- Social station
- Purity
- Piety
- Hospitality

These concepts form the foundation of Enlightenment, as recorded by the Loregiver. Each concept branches into a set of more defined rules and expectations that must be adhered to to be Enlightened.

Other gods are seen as either savage (opposed to Enlightenment) or ajami (coming from outside) – or perhaps both.

The enlightened deities are grouped into major or Great gods, worshiped throughout Zakhara, and local or common gods, worshiped only in a certain region, sometimes just a single town. The Great gods are said to be the pillars on which the Tenets of Enlightenment are built. They Eight Greater gods are:

Hajama: God of bravery
Hakiyah: Goddess of honesty
Haku: God of freedom
Jisan: Goddess of bounty
Kor: God of wisdom
Najm: God of courage
Selan: Goddess of beauty
Zann: God of knowledge


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