The Land of Fate is home to a diversity of non-human inhabitants, but the majority is comprised of human Zakharans with brown skin, dark hair and relatively small height. They usually all speak the common language of Midani and share in the common culture of Enlightenment, racial values are much less prominent than elsewhere. Only few Zakharans venture outside their homeland, usually as traders.

Waters around Zakhara are bountiful with pirates and corsairs who charge traders tolls to cross their seas, such traders willingly pay these exorbitant fees as Zakhara’s exotic trading goods tend to be well worth the price.

The land is full of secretive cities, unwelcoming to travelers, huge deserts, lush oases and powerful genies who meddle in the affairs of humans frequently. The continent is governed by a theocracy headed by a Vizier Regent until the calipha comes of age, and he rules from the capital city of Huzuz, the City of Delights.Tales tell of demon-infested cities and godless sorcerers, like the genie-binding sha’irs wielding strange magic. Zakhara is a land of many types of exotic magic and powerful warriors. Zakharites are firmly convinced they are more civilized than the rest of the world and treat these ‘barbarians’ accordingly.

The land is just starting its recovery after being wrecked from The War of Ash, a civil war that raged throughout the country between the Loyalists and the Purists. Cities still have blackened building, subble, and families destroyed by the war, but rebuilding has started under the benevolent eye of the Purists.


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