Zakhara, Land of Fate, has been ravaged by civil war for over a decade. The history books now tell the heroic tale of the noble Vultures, the wise organization who had the courage to stand up to the wicked Ash Caliph and place the true and proper Calipha in power. Though Fate cruelly took the Calipha from the world just as her reign began, her daughter carries on the bloodline so precious to Zakharans. It is time for a new era of peace and prosperity to dawn on the land, time for stability and contentment to cool the hot sun and bless each house.

These are the words that come from Huzuz, that trickle into every city like saccharine honey. Peace and contentment are here, the war is over; the mantra is repeated enough, so it must be true. Admittedly, it is far better than it was; the land is beginning to heal. There is starting to be laughter again. No longer do sneak attacks light the city night with magical explosions and fire; no longer to enslaved efreeti fly through the streets, flashing their scimitars and wicked grins under orders from enemy shai’rs. There is still rubble and blackened, scarred buildings, but now there is also construction. There is a semblance of order returning to the land.

People are cautiously trying to get back to their normal lives, but as order returns, so do people hungry for opportunities. With order comes stability, and with stability comes power. The holes left by the war must be filled, and many are jockeying to fill them. It is a time of great opportunity, but war has shown what opportunity without a care for Enlightenment can lead to. Heed the call of adventure, O Mighty Adventurer, but do so with the humility Zakhara so respects, as the land still aches from her fresh scars.

The Light of a New Day

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